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My name is Laura and I make jewelry.  I’m largely self-taught through reading books, magazines, and taking in the occasional video or class.  After the reading comes the joy of experimenting to get comfortable with a technique. 

I started beading in 2001 using seed and glass beads, and then expanded to stone and metal beads and pearls.  I later branched out to Art Clay Silver which I use primarily to make silver leaves, twigs, and shells with some geometric shapes thrown in for variety and to satisfy the analytical side of my personality.  I have recently begun experimenting with polymer clay as another way to bring color and new textures into my work. 

I get many of my ideas while I’m out walking with my dogs, so it is not surprising so many nature-inspired themes creep into my creations.  I enjoy the challenge of taking something I see and finding a way to turn it into something that can be worn and appreciated over time.  I enjoy mixing and matching a variety of types and textures of beads to create depth and interest, and because having so many lovely beads to choose from, it can be hard to settle on just one or two.

I chose the name Earth Dog Designs because I was born in the year of the Dog at the time of year corresponding with the ‘earth’ element in the Chinese zodiac.  How perfect for a dog lover that likes to play with stone beads! 

The following jewelry pieces were created by Laura Demory of Earth Dog Designs.  Her contact information is below:

Telephone:  360-891-4999

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