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Welcome to the Ridgefield Art Association!
We are a non-profit community arts group organized under the Department of Corporations, State of Washington. Our association philosophy and a policy of open membership encourage self-expression through the visual arts, but we fully support all the Arts, including performance, literature, media, dance, music, graphic design, language arts, film/video and theater. We believe that the Arts are an essential part of any thriving community, lift the spirit and raise the collective consciousness of citizens. Our big event is our annual spring art exhibit and show generally held the first weekend of May. 


We collaborate with artists and other arts organizations in an effort to facilitate mutual support, recognition, and the exchanging of ideas. We work to encourage an inclusive community of artists and the full appreciation of art within Ridgefield and the greater Clark County/Southwest Washington region. We facilitate art exhibits, art sales, classes, lectures, performances and other events in an effort to enrich the lives of all citizens locally.

The Ridgefield Art Association strives to unleash the artistic potential of every community member, but particularly to inspire the hearts and minds of our talented youth through an annual art grant/scholarship.

Enjoy some of our artists' work by visiting our Artist Gallery Pages.  (Use the drop down menu to view the individual artist's personal gallery.  Not all artist members have a gallery page but will shortly.)

Up-to-date contact information for member artists (with or without a gallery page) can be found on our Members page. 

If you enjoy our art or any of our events, please thank our Sponsors! We would also love you to sign our Guestbook

Please let us know how we can improve our events, serve the community better or if there is something you would like on our website! You can also follow us on Facebook. To donate, join or contact us, please go here.

Please note all images are copyrighted material and therefore it is not permissible to copy these pages without express written permission from the artist.  


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